First Fall of the Year

Landed 11.30pm last into Incheon Airport, Seoul Korea. Might as well have been Tokyo as the drive took nearly 3 hours…….longer than the flight.


Woke this morning to the sight of light dustings of the white powder…..not bad ….one day before Winter officially starts….


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Weddings Parties & Lazarus

Yes….they’re back from the dead and what a great night it was. WPA returned for a warm-up show at the Northcote Community Centre (read: High St Pub).

Great night……supported by the Remains and only wish I could have stayed till the end rather than rush out for SQ228…..not all bad news… upgraded on the MEL-SIN leg which was good but still had to fly Sahara from SIN-DEL.


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VFM Golf

Managed to squeeze in a round at Riverside Oaks during the Australian visit……played terribly – and yes it was the clubs fault (rentals) not mine…. how is anyone expected to play with a set of rented clubs 🙂

VFM Golf = Value for Money ……..or better put…..too many shots to even consider getting under 100 for 18 holes.


Golf is one of those interesting games that you actually try and get less for your money.

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Some traditions dont die….just like the Midday Gun in Hong Kong.

Every day at noon the bell is rung (probably to warn you) and then a single (blank) round is fired across the harbour to signal its lunchtime

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Monkeying Around

Seem’s like there are some in Singapore who are not caught up in the rat race and are just sitting back taking it easy……


These guys were just watching the traffic go ……obviously on “Upper Thomson Road” in the middle of Singapore…

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Wotif They Cared?

More to come on this but yet another example that online doesnt mean good service… might be cheap and handy but at the end of the day good old fashioned customer service still wins out.

 In case you are in doubt I am talking about WOTIF the hotel booking service who left me high & dry in Paris ….well sitting on a plastic seat at crappy Charles De Gaulle Terminal 1 for 12 hours.

 As I said ….more to come when the battery is recharged

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Hollywood in Angouleme

Well you may just ask where is Angouleme. It’s about 2 hours by TGV South West of Paris and about 100km North of Bordeaux. So why are they filming one of the local action series there…..good question but that didnt stop many of the town folk taking time out from their usual “busy” Mondays to watch the action as one of the cast scaled the side of a building (fully strapped in of course). The most excitement for years it seems.


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