The Local Pub – Tokyo Style

Like most cities, Friday night is pub night but rather than wandering around town to find the right pub, you can simply walk about to the “walk-in’s” found all around Tokyo and order one of the local brews on tap.


Just dont bring too many mates with you as space is limited, there’s no seating, and it can get a little cold & wet if its raining.

┬áThe photo was taken close to Shimbashi Station and typifies so many similar “establishments” around the district.

October 13, 2006 at 8:03 am

Hakushu – Shibuya

Sometimes you find the most amazing eating places when you dont expect it……almost 2 years ago we stumbled upon this great little Teppanyaki in Shibuya (about 2 min from Shinjuku-eke) . Whenever possible I will try and sneak in a meal and even better introduce new friends.

 Last night we had the pleasure of our Texan friends Wes Smith and Brent McKay join the local team. Both have been in Tokyo for two weeks helping with a major customer and besides wanting to get home looked in need of a great steak and beers.


You can almost taste them just by looking at the picture.

October 13, 2006 at 7:59 am


Tokyo Station from Imperial Hotel

After 6 hours comatosed on Singapore Airlines I’m back in Tokyo for 4 days. Back to the familiar Imperial Hotel as the “new” preferred Grand Hyatt is fully booked…..which means they dont want to us to use our Corporate Rate.

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